Marijuana or cannabis sales for fun in the state of California, United States will begin Monday, January 1, 2018.

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However, until Thursday afternoon 28 December 2017, the California state government issued 42 permits for retail traders who could sell the marijuana.

A total of 150 permit applications are still being processed and officials say they will work hard to complete the permit.

Quoted from VOA Indonesia, Sunday (12/31/2017), Los Angeles and San Francisco still seem to be late in issuing local regulations, so that marijuana shops will not officially start their business on a predetermined schedule.

The survey conducted by the Gallup poll institute this year showed 64 percent of the United States people supported the legalization of marijuana for fun. Previously, several states including California had allowed the use of marijuana for treatment.

Officially, federal regulations prohibit the use, ownership, sale, planting, and transportation of cannabis in the United States.

But the federal government also said that state governments may authorize the use of marijuana for treatment and recreation, provided that all must be regulated by law.

The states of the United States that have allowed cannabis use for treatment and recreation are Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and the Washington Capital D.C. You can order the best recreational cannabis on

California Allow Its citizens to Plant Marijuana

The California State Authority also issued a business permit for legal marijuana trading. However, the permit is still temporary or temporary. They mentioned, the first phase will begin in January 2018.

The first license was given to Pure CA, which did business with the brand Moxie, a company known as extract marijuana production.

“I am very enthusiastic,” said Moxie CEO Jordan Lams, launching TIME.

“California has no rules for the legal marijuana market. So, this is the right transition period,” he added, referring to the legalization of cannabis cultivation and sale in 2018.

A total of 20 business licenses will be tested for 120 days in California, United States. The local government said that this was a springboard for legal marijuana buying and selling activities in the state.

“We plan to publish more before January 1,” said state regulator Lori Ajax.

In the future, California will be ‘used to’ with marijuana, like alcohol. However, only people aged 21 years and above are entitled to have up to one ounce of marijuana and plant – maximum – six cannabis trees at home.

In January, cannabis sales in California will be combined with the medical world, where both will be under a stronger legal umbrella.

State and regional governments rushed to develop regulations for the new industry. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s government has not given certainty regarding their interference in making business licenses.

Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. While Uruguay has legalized planting and selling marijuana for any purpose.