In the midst of wedding preparations, it’s good for you and your partner to also set aside time to plan a honeymoon dream together. As with other vacation trips, the honeymoon will also require complete planning.

Do not let you and your partner not enjoy this moment with fun, just because it is not planned properly from the beginning. The first step that you must discuss with your partner is the honeymoon destination itself. This may not be complicated for some couples who have had their own city since long ago. But if you haven’t determined it, then it’s good to discuss it together immediately.

Many couples celebrate their honeymoon in Lake Como Italy, this place is known as a place that is very famous for its scenic beauty.

Celebrating the honeymoon or wedding in Como lake certainly not cheap, with the number of places you can choose to stay for you, of course, choose a cheap place is not a difficult thing. Even many who offer Lake Como Vacation Packages, you can get the information at On this website, you can choose and consider your place of stay appropriately and certainly worth it.

Around Lake Como, there are many historical buildings that have existed since the 18th century, with their exotic beauty and high artistic value. The hotel surrounding Lake Como also has very complete facilities. You can also walk in the villages around Lake Como, these villages also have their own characteristics. No wonder many famous artists have come to tour the beautiful Como lake, even some of them have villas around the lake. Even because of the magnificent lakefront Como, some Hollywood movies use this location for the movie.

Lake Como is also decorated with several mountains around it, such as Mount Legnonoe, Bregnano, and San Primo. The combination of several mountains and villages is complementary to the beautiful scenery of the world-famous Lake Como.