There are millions of dishes in this world we are unaware of. Yet, dishes are part of what to know about the traditions of people and their heritage.

For more awareness to be made, food tourism is the way forward. But there are things to know before anyone can dive into food travelling.

According to users on, the following are some of the things to know. We explore the best traveller foods and the risks associated with them.

1.     Know your budget:

The first knowledge should be your budget about the tourist place(s). You can’t tour without a budget and it doesn’t matter if it’s food tourism or not. To plan your budget, you need to be familiar with your income and savings as both terms affect your expenses. We consider food tourism as part of an expedition project. And as an expedition project, only a budget does it for you. Relying on grants and funds only may keep you stranded or have you bear some medical burden beyond your capacity. There is a need for you to keep your budget and stay committed to it.

2.     Know the place:

Not all places are safe, especially during this moment of viruses. Before you dive into any travels at all, you need to be cautious the country is one of the safest countries you can visit. Do not just visit because of the identifying benefits or the experiences you’ll glean. Travel because you want your body and soul intact and because you want to avoid any form of social and civil unrest. Being familiar with the place is another thing you must know.

3.     Know the food:

As a food traveller, do you just sit and binge on meals or you already make needed enquiries about them? The latter would be the most resonating and most reasonable thing to do. Do not exaggerate a meal and think it is one of those meals considered insurmountable. Instead, find more information about them and ensure the process of preparation is not far from your logic.

4.     Know the risks:

Information will help you a lot, and as a food traveller, you should always ask. There are risks to every meal, balanced or unbalanced. You need to find out the risks of consuming a meal from the locals before you attempt it. Doing this will keep you prepared for any eventualities that may follow such consumption.

5.     Know the process:

The process of food travelling is not only consuming but as well dangerous. It is dangerous as it is fun. It is uncertain as it is filled with adventures and thrills. The more reason why food travellers mostly travel in groups. Knowing the process entails finding your group of foodies and taking dietary and culinary professional courses.


Not just food travelling, gathering information about any walk of life, any field, should be a top priority for anyone intending to dive into it.