Going to shopping mall in Dubai, shopping for stuff and spending money becomes a daunting task. There are so many retailers around in the market and you have some very good brands offering you stuff that is certain to lure you towards purchasing it. Considering that, many people find it hard to go with a particular budget to a shopping mall and not exceeding the limit that they have set. Here, we will discuss about various things that you should consider when you are about to go to a mall and spend some money.

Going on Thursday evenings

Here is a pro tip, whenever you are thinking of going for shopping at a time when you will have lesser people around and want to see everything available, go for shopping at Thursday evenings. It is because most of the retailers rearrange their stuff on Thursdays in order to prepare themselves for coming weekend. From the new arrivals to full price merchandise to the discounted stuff, you will be able to see everything that the they have to offer.

Shop at least a few weeks into season

Going for shopping just as a season starts or searching for the clothes within first couple of weeks into a season, you are likely to see new arrivals at high prices. As you progress into a season, things tend to get cheaper and you are able to get good deals at reasonable prices. For instance, going to a shopping mall after 6 to 8 weeks into a season, you are likely to get good stuff at reasonable prices. However, going a little too late might mean that the best are sold and now you are left with the standard ones.

Visit back of the store

As you enter into a store, you set the best and newest stuff up front. Moving ahead, you will be able to see full priced items around you. It is until you reach to the back of the store where you are able to take a look at the items that are available at discounted prices. For many people, the need of going to the back of the store does not come up because the new and latest stuff is so luring that they don’t waste any time giving a good look around the store and just pick what is in front of them. So, if you head into a store, make sure you check it from top to bottom.

Compare stores

When you have different stores around, you should take some time in comparing the items. It is your best shot at getting the right deal. Shop around for a while, roaming into different stores as there are many available to you under a roof in shopping mall in Dubai. Take a look at the items available to you. Consider their quality and price and move ahead to complete your visit. Once you are through a good chunk of shops, you will have an idea of what sort of items are available and at what price you can get it. This will help you in making the right choice in terms of both quality and pricing.